Our Melbourne Website Development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and Internet Marketing Services cater for all our customers requirements, regardless whether you are a new start up company or heavily established.

Extensive Website Development Experience

Our Web Developers have an extremely vast array of website planning, creation and implementation experience, with Website Development and PHP/MySQL Programming their primary trade for at least the last 10 years.

Local SEO (Google Maps), Onsite SEO and White Hat SEO Services

Our Melbourne based Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) team offer a vast array of experience in reputable white-hat SEO services to legitimately increase your business and website's search presence in Google, Bing, Yahoo and other leading search engines. Our SEO professionals will manage all changes to your website itself, along with following traditional internet marketing based strategies to improve your websites reach via customers using search engines within your target region(s).

Shopping Cart / Online Store & Online Payment Solutions

Our team of developers are highly experienced with custom software creation, and low cost systems such as shopping cart / online store systems are a very common request we can provide to our customers. Online payment systems can also be created or integrated into existing websites.

For more advanced custom PHP / MySQL based web software services, see the section below.

Social Media & Online Marketing Support

IT City consider social media as a normal starting point for all businesses, and as such is as important as a good quality SEO service.

Our SEO experienced employees focus not only upon online marketing methods to improve your search engine results, but can also assist your company (as part of an SEO service or standalone) in setting up a wide range of social media accounts to get you started.

Our employees can also provide instruction, advice and assistance to help you or your staff manage your social media accounts for online marketing purposes.

Custom PHP / MySQL Based Web Software Creation

Need more than a regular website can provide? Our team of web developers are highly experienced in custom software using web based technologies, when you need your website to do something specific to your business requirements, we can provide custom PHP / MySQL based programming to cater for all your needs.

Some of the common requirements our clients wish to provide for their customers include custom quotation systems, customised or entirely custom built online store systems, online booking systems, live pricing systems (eg: stock exchange based pricing).

More extensive business focused solutions include custom ordering systems for use by sales representatives, custom online based point of sale systems, invoicing / receipt printing software, sales and other record keeping systems, inventory management software, custom web based point of sale systems, export systems for accountants / account keeping, custom sales tracking and stock re-ordering systems.

All the above are examples of what is possible with web based software, the limits however are only limited by your imagination, if you are looking for a lower cost alternative to offline software creation, or have requirements for software systems which need to be available online, contact us to discuss your ideas.

Website Content Management Systems

Content management systems are fairly commonly used in website development today, and enable the website owner to change content on existing web pages, along with add and remove new pages and menu items.

While a static website is still offered by IT City as an absolute lowest cost initial website development option, spending a little more for a content management system can save money over the long term.

Content management systems can also be added into existing websites, or existing websites created using a third party content management system can be transferred to a stand alone system which you will own directly rather than paying a monthly or yearly service fee.

If you are using a third party paid website service which you used to create your website and find you are not showing up in google and other search engines, or would prefer the freedom of owning your own website rather than renting a third party service, contact IT City today, we are specialists in this type of work and can assist you with all your requirements.

Adding content management to existing websites, or creating a new website with content management is something we also specialise in, and providing such services is no problem and usually very cost effective.

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