Starting a business? See our tips below for how to choose the right domain name

Including a general location in business names & domains

Trading as a company and owning an associated domain name with a geographic location is often the best method for new start up companies looking to obtain customers from online sources, for example if you were looking at the name XYZ Jewellers, then owning both that business name and another as XYZ Jewellers Melbourne, along with owning both domain names and, and starting to trade under the Melbourne variants will often provide significant advantages in visibility from search engines for people looking for Melbourne based jewellers. Owning both domain names is often vital, as is beginning to trade under the geographic location based name until you are established.

Eliminate competition which can leech off your good name

Say for example your business name is XYZ Fencing has been trading for awhile and built up a great reputation in the industry under the domain name, then along comes a competitior who registers and begins advertising under that domain name, or even or Avoid this before you start by registering all associated domains relevant to your business name and protect the future of your brand up-front before others try these common methods of leeching off your good name.

Include your trade in your domain name

Let's say for example you own the business name XYZ Pty. Ltd. and your main trade is designing and building custom kitchens, if you were to start a website under it would require a lot of effort from a website developer, along with a lot of kitchen related content on your website, in order to do well in google and other search engines. A much better choice would be to begin by registering if available to lock out competition, but register and trade under By adding the word kitchens, you are signalling to online search engines and directories that your business operates primarily on the basis of kitchens being your main trade, and hence you will reach more customers looking for kitchen specific companies.

Great domain names are still nothing without a professionally developed website

Many people without website development experience make the mistake of creating their own websites using third party software, while these systems are often easy to use, they will often never provide the kind of benefits a professionally developed website can offer. Professional web developers know what people are looking for in a website, they also know how google and other search engines look at your website and hence can maximise your exposure to customers from the get-go. Without a good web developer, it is often extremely difficult to become established fast and maximise your start up profits. Speak to IT City today about our start up business options for website development, and if you haven't already chosen a business name and domain name, we can also assist with this to ensure you receive the best possible results as quickly as possible when starting up your new company.

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Manage all your IT City registered domains in one location using our console, once you purchase a domain name a console account will be automatically generated, a login name and password will be emailed to you once your domain is approved. From this console, you can register new domain names directly without needing to enter all your details again manually, you can also renew, forward and change a wide range of domain settings directly from one location.

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